Terms of Use

To those who submit ideas and/or photos to PYFC:

By submitting these things, you agree that I have free reign to use them on the site and as inspiration for comics. My intention is to give credit where it is due, in the form of a written caption, but there is always a chance I’ll forget to note this.

My ultimate intent is to publish the comics created for PYFC. By submitting your ideas, you agree to let me do so. By allowing me to publish any credit, you agree to let me do the same in any merchandise, publication, or other product created by or for PYFC.

To Those Who Wish To Use PYFC Comics For Their Own Purposes:

I retain all rights to the comics posted on this site. If you post these comics on your site you must also post a credit which includes a link to www.placesyoufindcats.com. Please do not steal my bandwidth. If you choose to post a comic on your site please download your own copy of the image and host it by your own means. If you wish to use a comic on merchandise such (but not limited to) clothing, posters, books, and other products, you must retain rights to do so from me, the cartoonist.

Please respect my intellectual and creative property.

Collection of Personal Information:

PYFC does not knowingly share your email or other personal information with third party applicants.