Help Out

You can help out in a number of ways.

Submit Ideas

Have you seen a cat in an interesting or unexpected place? Tell me about it. Even better, send me a picture of it. It could end up in a comic. Fakey and ‘shopped pictures will be discarded. So will pics of cats in distress. The idea is to show that cats find ways to be chill in completely random places. Send ideas to


One way is to make a donation to the site. 10% of all donations received will be given to a local animal shelter – yet another place you find cats.


Speaking of which, are you ready for a cat of your own? Please adopt! There are so many cats in the world who need good loving homes. Do your part in helping the cat population by adopting rather than buying. Pet stores will often source from “mills” that rapidly and carelessly breed cats and dogs for profit. Besides, knowing that you rescued an animal is priceless.

IMPORTANT: Before you adopt, please be sure you’re prepared. Check out this information first.