“Places You Find Cats” is a daily webcomic about the random places you find cats. They end up in some interesting places and can make themselves comfortable in the strangest situations. Each comic is a single-panel black and white pen drawing.

I began this comic to ease my restlessness. At that point I worked a rather mundane job unrelated to my artist field. I would freelance on the side to try to increase my income – however, I found I had little time for independent creative work. Worse, I had not completed a large independent project in years. I started PYFC to change that. My goal is to post a comic every single day for one year – meaning that by the end of those 365 days, I’ll have enough to make a day-to-day calendar. And it will be a large independent project I will have succeeded in completing.

so be sure bookmark this place, and do please tell your friends!